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Sony PSP 3000 For Sale

Baxtros offer the Sony PSP 3000 for sale in black, blue and red.

The Sony PSP 3000 was another big release within the PSP range from Sony.  Released first on 14th October 2008, in Japan some days later, 16th October 2008, Europe a day later, 17th October 2008 and Australia on 23rd October 2008.  The console was an updated version of the Sony PSP 2000 console, the housing and weight of the console was the same, in Europe it still retained the name PSP slim n lite, however it now came equipped with a microphone and an even more enhanced LCD colour screen, now with anti reflective technology to reduce that irritating glare you get when playing in bright light.

The Sony PSP 3000 came in five basic colours, Piano Black, Blossom Pink, Pearl White, Vibrant Red, Vibrant Blue, there were also two colours exclusive to Japan, Bright Yellow and Carnival Spirited Green.  There was also two colours sold just in North America, Lilac Purple and Turquoise Green. Along with this Sony released a range of limited special edition consoles.

The Sony PSP 3000 console sold nearly 142,000 units on its first day of release in Japan 2008 and worldwide, the PSP 1000 – PSP 3000 range sold a staggering over 76 million units.  Big figures for a handheld console with a life span over three models of 6 years, and average of 2 years per model.  The console was finally discontinued in 2012 to make way for the PSP GO and PSP E1000 consoles.

At Baxtros Limited we sell a range of Sony PSP 3000 consoles, all of our consoles are refurbished by our in house technicians.  We repair any faults with the consoles and finish them off with a full clean over.  This is then accompanied with a full 1 year warranty to cover any technical faults that might occur with the console. We guarantee that when purchasing a refurbished PSP console from Baxtros, you will not be disappointed.