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Nintendo Gameboy Original Consoles For Sale

The Nintendo Gameboy Original console was the first ever Gameboy to be released, this console was a major game changer in the handheld gaming market.  With a black and white screen and an adjustable contrast wheel, along with a port to plug in headphones, this was a new generation of gaming for gamers.  The console took four AA batteries to power it and was the operator for the best selling game for the console and legendary game, Tetris.  Nintendo even released a console, plus the Tetris game in a bundle due to its popularity. The size of the console, although big in modern days, was considered small for its time and was possible to transport around in your bags, or in your pockets, if they were big enough with the late 80’s tracksuit style.

The Gameboy Original console was first released in 1989 on 21st April in Japan, 100 years after the company was first founded as a game cards shop in 1889.  The console was shortly released in North America on 31st July 1989 and over a year later in Europe on 28th September 1990.  The console, combine with Gameboy Color and Gameboy Pocket consoles sold way over 118 million units from 1989 to 2003 when this Gameboy range was discontinued.  The console was first released in a basic grey color in 1989.  It was then released in Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Transparent, White and Blue in 1995.  The console was originally manufactured in Japan, however in 1995, along with the colour variants, production was moved to China.  Along with the standard colours also game many special editions of the console.

At Baxtros Limited, we stock a range of Gameboy Original Consoles, including the colour variations.  We put our consoles through a full test phase and refurbishment process, ensuring any faults with the console are repaired before being resold.