Nintendo Gameboy SP

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Nintendo Gameboy SP For Sale

Baxtros have the Nintendo Gameboy SP for sale in a range of colours. When released, the console was a total change in the way Gameboys looked and were played. With a much brighter screen, two brightness settings and a flip up housing, this console became a big player in the handheld console market and paved the way towards the development of the Nintendo DS lite console design in later years.  Unlike its predecessors, the console came with an already installed rechargeable battery and power cord, reducing consumer consumption of batteries significantly.

The Nintendo Gameboy SP was first released on 14th February 2003 in Japan, with releases the following month in North America on 23rd March and in Europe on 28th March.  The console was backwards compatible, allowing it to play games from it’s predecessor without any issues, along with playing games released specifically for the Gameboy SP itself.  Worldwide the Gameboy SP console sold nearly 44 million units as of 31st January 2008 when it was discontinued .  The console came in five basic colours, cobalt blue, silver, arctic blue, black and pink.  These models, known as AGS-001 models had front lit two setting adjustable screens.  Nintendo also released another range of consoles with back lit screens, known as AGS – 101 models.  The back lit models were released after the front lit versions and are much more rare in the market. Along with this, many special limited edition console variations were released for the Gameboy SP, probably more than any other Gameboy before.  The console also had a string of Pokémon Centre editions.

At Baxtros Limited, our company still stocks the Nintendo Gameboy SP console.  We put our stock through a full refurbishment process, repairing any faults that need to be repaired, before giving it a full clean over and 1 year Baxtros warranty seal  of approval prior to resale.  All Gameboy SP consoles sold by Baxtros come equipped with a charger.