Xbox One Controllers

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Refurbished Xbox One Controllers For Sale

Baxtros sell refurbished Xbox One Controllers at an affordable price in excellent condition. The Xbox 360 controller was a redefined version of the Xbox Original controller.  Much lighter and now with batteries to support wireless connection to the console.  The controller was released with the console in North America on 22nd November 2005, 2nd December 2005 in Europe and 10th December in Japan.  As well as a wireless controller being released, there was also wired controller that was released for sale.

The console and controllers competed very well in the market, Xbox 360 sales were around four times that of the Xbox original console selling 84 million units world wide.  The controllers were available from 2005 – 2016 when they were discontinued along with the console.  If every buyer of a console bought another controller, it would mean controller sales totalled a massive 168 million units world wide.  The wired Xbox 360 controller was available in just two basic colours, black and white. The wireless Xbox 360 controller was available in seven basic colours, White, Black, Pink, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, White S and Black S.  There were also a large range of limited special edition controllers released with special edition console and for individual resale, Microsoft focused a lot around big selling games for these controllers, such as Halo, Gears of war and call of duty. A big benefit Microsoft had over Sony’s PS3 controller was the fact that users had the option to use a wireless, or wired headset with their controller.  If you did not want the fuss of having to install a headset with your controller, you could use the wired one that came with your console bundle, and was also fairly comfortable and of a good quality, gamers also had the option of connecting wirelessly with another headset that was sold separately.

The Xbox 360 controller remains very popular in the gaming market today and Baxtros Limited still stocks a large range of refurbished controllers, along with limited edition units.  We put our controllers through a full phase of refurbishment, paying attention to repairing any faults on the controller and finishing off with a thorough clean over.  This is all accompanied by a full 1 year warranty to cover any faults which may occur.