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Playstation 2 Controllers For Sale

Baxtros have a range of original Playstation 2 controllers for sale in multiple colours. The millennium made way for another console for Sony to add to their mix. The Playstation 2 console was released on 4th March 2000 in Japan, 26th October 2000 in North America, 24th November 2000 in Europe and some days later on 30th November in Australia. Accompanied with the console of course came a controller.  The Sony Dual Shock 2, model number SCPH-10010.  Similar to the Dual Shock 1, but weighing slightly less, this controller would go on to be the best selling gaming controller ever.

Unlike the first released Sony PS1 controller SCPH – 1080, the Sony Dual Shock 2 came as standard on release with a long lead, reaching nearly two meters and giving users the comfort of playing without having to be sat right next to their television.  The Sony PS2 console, during its life time from 2000 – 2013 sold 155 million units world side, given that every user bought another controller, that means that the Sony Dual Shock 2 controller sold a huge 310 million units, certainly making it the best seller compared to any other Sony controller released.

The Sony Dual Shock 2 controller came available in eight basic colours, Black, Silver, White, Slate Grey, Clear Blue, Crimson Red, Emerald Green and Candy Pink.  There was also a string of special limited edition controllers released by Sony as well, some of which were available with special edition consoles and others were just for retail sale on their own.

Baxtros Limited today has a range of Sony Dual Shock 2 controllers available, from the basic colours through to a large selection of limited edition controllers.  We put all of our PS2 controllers through a full refurbishment process to repair any faults and ensure a full working condition complete with a 1 year warranty for customer peace of mind. We guarantee you will not be disappointed when purchasing from us.