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Playstation 1 Controllers For Sale

Baxtros have iconic Playstation 1 Controllers for sale in a variety of colours. When the Sony PlayStation console was released in 1994 it was an instant success among consumers, it was a big player in the TV console market during the 1990’s.  Along with the console of course came a controller.  Never seen before by any other manufacturer, Sony’s classic PlayStation controller, with the X O Triangle & Square buttons was set to go down in the history books.

The first controller to be released with the console was the classic style controller SCPH – 1080, with a D pad, X O Triangle & Square buttons and two types of triggers, L1/L2 & R1/R2, L representing left and R representing right.  The PlayStation 1 controller SCPH – 1080 was first released with the console with a shorter lead, around a meter in length.  However in later years Sony released another controller, with the same look, but a longer lead, the SCPH – 1010, this had a lead of roughly two meters in length.  Three years later in 1997 Sony released the Dual Shock 1, model name SCPH-1200.  This is the controller that most users know of today.  Equipped with two analog thumb sticks, on top of the D pad and rumble motors for extra effect while playing, this was a step up from it’s predecessor.  Although Sony released the PS1 Dual shock for retail and also bundled with the PS1 console, the analog sticks were only compatible with a few select games.

Sales for the PlayStation one console was over 102 million units worldwide during its lifetime, from 1994 – 2006, if everyone who owned a console bought a controller, that would put controller sales at a whopping 204 million units sold.

Despite the fact that this controller has been discontinued from the market, Baxtros Limited still stocks it today, in a fully refurbished condition and complete with a full 1 year warranty.