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Xbox 360 Controllers For Sale

Baxtros offer Xbox 360 controllers for sale in a variety of colours. The Xbox original controller with its large design, double the size of a PS2 controller, was released along with the Xbox console in North America on 15th November 2001, Japan on 22nd February 2002 and Europe 14th March 2002. The late launch of the console in some regions up to two years after the competing PS2 console, lead to a decline in sales. Despite this, the Xbox Original console was quite advanced for it’s time, along with it’s controllers, allowing online gameplay with other users through Xbox live.

As the first release of the Xbox Original Controller was in North America, the larger controller, named the Duke, was bundled with the console.  However when the console was later released in Japan, the larger controller was too big for the players in this region, due to the fact that their hands were smaller than those of a Norther American gamer.  For this reason Microsoft decided to release a smaller controller, named the Xbox S Controller.  Although smaller the controller had the same functions as the Original Xbox Duke controller.  As time passed the Microsoft Xbox S controller took off in popularity in other regions, gamers found it preferable to the Xbox Original larger controller.  For this reason Microsoft began bundling the S controller with the Xbox console in later years and the Original controller was phased out.  The Original controller only had a life span of 2 years, from 2001 – 2002.  The Xbox S controller was in production from 2002 – 2009, when the console was discontinued worldwide. The Xbox Original controller was available in one basic colour, black.  It was also available in a limited edition green duke edition.  The Xbox S controller was available in two basic colours, black and grey.  It was also available in eight limited editions, Blue, Crystal, Green, Halo Green, Skeleton, White, Orange and Superman.

Baxtros Limited stocks a range of Xbox Original controllers, in both large and S form.  We put our controllers through a full refurbishment process, repairing any parts that need repair and giving a full clean over.  We also provide a full 1 year warranty to protect from any faults which may occur.