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The Sony PSP console is truly a legend in the handheld console range, it could be said that it is the best ever handheld console and when originally released was way ahead of its time, it was similar to releasing a PS3 console in 1996 when the PS1 console had only just been released.  Complete with outstanding graphics, varying screen brightness, MP3 and internet connection this was all you needed to keep you happy.  The console was first released in Japan of December 2004 and following releases came in 2005 worldwide. 

The first of the PSP console range to be released was the PSP 1000 console.  This is the mother of all PSP consoles and is where all the gaming glory originates from.  Well built, but not too big, the PSP 1000 compressed TV console gaming into a handheld console, no more ‘decent’, ‘ok’ or ‘pretty good’ graphics, this console was literally like looking at a TV screen in your hand.  Frankly the PSP console knocked out all other competitors from the market, apart from the DS console which competed well.  The console changed the way discs were produced as well, much more compact and in a plastic case that you inserted into the console, damage to discs was significantly reduced.  To make things even better, when the PS3 console came out, gamer’s could hook up their PSP consoles to the PS3 and play with friends, absolute genius engineering from Sony.  Three years later in 2007 Sony released the PSP 2000 console, also known as slim n lite, the console was a reformed version of the PSP 1000 console and was quite literally slimmer and lighter.  A year on in 2008 Sony released the PSP 3000 console, this console was very similar to the PSP 2000, with an even brighter screen and a microphone.  In 2009, the PSP GO console was released, even smaller, even slimmer and even lighter than its predecessors, the GO was a console suited for use while, as the name says, on the GO.  With a sliding screen and compact size, this neat piece of gaming equipment was made easy to slip in your pocket and take of where ever you desire to enjoy hours of endless gaming fun.   The final member of the classic PSP family to be released was the PSP E1000 console, or PSP street.  Released in 2011, this console was a budget version street console, as per the name.  It did not have anything fancy, no WiFi, no fancy processor or large internal memory, however it was affordable.  If all you wanted to do was game, then this console is perfect for you.  The classic PSP range was discontinued in 2014 to make way for the new VITA model, with both WiFi & 3G models readily available, the VITA became the new contender on the handheld gaming market. Baxtros has a range of refurbished PSP console for sale, all complete with fast delivery and a full 1 year warranty.

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