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Nintendo Gameboy Color For Sale

Baxtros are pleased to have a range of Nintendo Gameboy Color for sale. This popular console was the first ever Gameboy console to be released with a colour screen. When released it took the market by storm and consumers by surprise, what you would normally only see in a television set was now crammed into a tiny console.  The console comprised of a D pad and an A & B button, like its predecessors, and took two AA batteries, unlike the previous pocket console that took two AAA batteries, and the original that took four AA batteries.  Another big plus with this console, is that it was backwards compatible, meaning you could play your old Gameboy pocket and Gameboy Original games in colour, much better than not being able to use them again.  Over all the Gameboy Color console was the number one handheld console to own in the late 90’s.

The Gameboy Color console was first released on 21st October 1998 in Japan.  It was next released in North America on 18th November 1998, five days later in Europe on 23rd November 1998 and finally in Australia on 27th November 1998, great marketing by Nintendo to catch the Christmas rush. The console was available for sale from 1998 to 2003, when it was discontinued to make way for the newer releases by Nintendo coming into the market. Combine with the Gameboy Original and pocket consoles, the Gameboy color sold in excess of 118 million units during its five year reign in the market.  The console was released in seven basic colours, Purple, Turquoise, Green, Fuchsia Red, Yellow, Clear Purple and Transparent.  Along with this there were limited edition releases and Pokémon centre specials, which Baxros has available for sale in stock.

When you buy your Gameboy Color from Baxtros Limited, we will ensure the best quality refurbishment process.  We analyse any faults when we receive stock and ensure they are fixed before resale.  In addition to this, our technicians guarantee a fully clean and warranted console, providing customer with 1 year to protect them from any faults, should they occur.