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Nintendo DS Lite For Sale

Baxtros are pleased to offer the iconic Nintendo DS lite for sale. A console still to this day extremely popular within the gaming industry.  First released in 2006 on 2nd March in Japan. The console was released in Australia next on 1st June 2006, with a release 10 days later in Norther America, 11th June and final releases in Europe on 23rd June and finally Korea the year after 18th January 2007.  Again this was another extreme success by Nintendo with consoles selling out worldwide as soon as they hit retail shelves. The console was and still is an amazing piece of kit, similarly to packing up an N64 console and putting it into a smaller screen, while enhancing the graphics, it is no surprise why this is such a popular console.

The Nintendo DS lite console changed the way that games were produced for Nintendo consoles, now a smaller, slimmer and compact cartridge came to the market, which would slide into the back of the console and was hardly visible.  Another benefit is that the console was fully backwards compatible, it would play games from the Gameboy Original, all the way through to Gameboy SP, via a slot design for these carts in the bottom of the console. As well as all the fun that was packed into this console, also came the ability to connect with friends to play multiplayer games via wifi connection. The Nintendo DS lite console was discontinued on 31st March 2014 in Japan and 1st April 2016 in Europe, Australia, North America and Korea. During its time in the market, the console sold nearly 94 million units worldwide. The console was released in nine different colours black, white, navy blue, black/blue, red, crimson, silver, pink, metallic pink.  Along with this a range of special limited edition consoles were released.

Baxtros Limited today still stocks refurbished Nintendo DS lite consoles.  We put all of our consoles through refurbishment, repairing any faults that need addressing and finishing off with a full clean over and 1 year warranty.  We assure you will not be disappointed when buying from us.