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The SNES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System controllers were released along side the SNES console which took to the market on 21st November 1990 when it was launched in Japan.  Worldwide launches of the console were staggered for two years, launching in North America on 23rd August 1991 and 11th April 1992 in the UK.  The final launch of the console was in Brazil in September 1992.

The console was a big success worldwide, and despite selling around 10 million units less than it’s predecessor, it gave rise to legendary games such as Donkey Kong and Super Street Fighter Turbo.  The SNES controller was released in two variations, the SNES controller released in North American and Europe with a longer lead and the Famicom edition, released only in Japan.  Nintendo only released the controller in one basic colour, grey.  They did not release any special editions of the controller.  Despite Nintendo not releasing any special editions, there were other 3rd party manufacturers that released special editions of the controller, such as Hori, who released various turbo types of the SNES controller.  The 3rd party turbo SNES controller was designed with each button having a three setting mode, to enhance the reaction time of the player on screen.   This was a massive benefit when playing games such as street fighter, if you had a turbo controller against your opponent in this situation, they did not stand a chance of beating you.

With a compact sleek look, the SNES controller has good durability and is a tough long lasting controller, you can guarantee years of use out of these controllers, they are not one to let you down.

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