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Nintendo N64 Controllers For Sale

Baxtros are proud to offer iconic N64 controllers for sale.  The Nintendo N64 console, bundled with the Nintendo N64 controller was released in Japan on 23rd June 1996, Norther America and Brazil on 29th September 1996 and the following year in Europe and Australia on 1st March 1997.  The console competed with the likes of Sony and Sega during it’s time in the market.

The controllers designed by Nintendo were different to any controller released before, not only did it have an analog stick that was useable with a vast majority of games, but it had three handles, allowing users to differentiate between buttons dependent on the game they were playing. The controller also contained a Z trigger, placed under the controller which was used regularly in shooter games and gave a more realistic feeling of pulling a trigger, rather than pressing a button.  The Nintendo N64 controller came with the option to add on a rumble pack for vibration effect, different to the Dual Shock that was already built in, but nevertheless a benefit if you wished to add it.  The Nintendo N64 controller was available in Six basic colours, green, red, black, blue, yellow and grey. The controller was also released in a range of limited special edition colours, including transparent colours, Mario and Pokemon editions.

The N64 console was discontinued worldwide in 2003 selling nearly 33 million units during its life time.  If every customer that purchased a console also purchased a second controller, that would put controller sales at a staggering near 66 million units sold worldwide.

Baxtros Limited stocks a range of refurbished Nintendo N64 controllers in basic and limited editions.  We put our controllers through a full refurbishment process, paying close attention to detail, repairing and providing a full clean over for all units in stock. Finally we accompany this with a full 1 year warranty for customer peace of mind.