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The Nintendo GameCube controller was released bundled with the GameCube console in Japan on 14th September 2001, it was released in North America on 18th November 2001. The following year the controller bundled with the console was released in Europe on 3rd May 2002 and Australia on 17th May 2002.  The standard colour controller that was released with the console was a purple controller.  Nintendo released other standard colours as well, including Black, Silver, Orange, White, Emerald Blue and transparent bottom/top purple. There was also multiple limited edition controllers released, including the Panasonic Q GameCube Controller that was released only in Japan as part of a GameCube DVD combine console that was only released there.

Nintendo were one of the first companies at that time, among its competitors, to release a wireless version of the GameCube controller.  The WaveBird controller was released in 2002, it was sold separately, rather than being bundled with a standard console, but did appear with special edition released consoles such as Metroid Prime and Mario Party 4.  The WaveBird was released in one basic colour, silver, and in two Limited editions exclusive to club Nintendo, Gundam Char’s customize colour and a Club Nintendo WaveBird special edition. These special editions were exclusively released in Japan.

The console sold nearly 22 million units world wide from 2001 – 2007 when it was discontinued, for every console sold, if another controller was purchased that would put controller sales at a gigantic 44 millions units.

In 2014 Nintendo released a super smash bros version of the GameCube controller, to support the release of the Wii U console.  The controller was available in black and white. There were also other limited edition variations released.

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