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Nintendo DS Original For Sale

Baxtros are pleased to offer the Nintendo DS Original for sale in a range of colours. It was the first release of the DS family, and started a craze for the DS family to date.  With two screens, a top LCD and bottom touch LCD this was something that had never been released by any other gaming company and allowed Nintendo to capture the market and give rise to a new way of gaming.  The LCD touch screen was a huge factor here, as it allowed players to step into the game more so than they had done before.  To add to this, the DS was released with a microphone, enabling users to speak to characters in certain games, for example with the classic game, Nintendogs.

The DS console was first released in North America on 21st November 2004, closely followed by the release in Japan on 2nd December 2004.  The console was released the following year in Australia on 24th February 2005 and Europe and India on 11th March 2005.  The console was available up until 2014, when it was discontinued from sale. The DS console was released in six basic colours, Light Blue, Silver, Pink, White, Red and Black. There were also a small range of special limited edition consoles that were released for the Nintendo DS console.  The release of the Nintendo DS console also created a route to market for the classic Mario Kart for DS, which was first released on this console and still extremely popular to date.

At Baxtros Limited we are dedicated to refurbishing Gameboy consoles and accessories.  The Nintendo DS console is included in our range and is available for sale.  We provide the consoles with a full refurbishment process, repairing any faults that have occurred and applying a full clean over to the housing of the DS console. We assure the best price and service when purchasing from our company, back by a 1 year warranty to cover any technical faults that may occur.