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Nintendo Wii Remotes For Sale

Baxtros are pleased to offer official Nintendo Wii remotes for sale.  In 2006 when Nintendo released the Wii Console, all the focus was around the controller that was released with it. The Nintendo Wii Remote controller was the first ever controller to combine gaming with motion technology.  It grabbed the market by storm and boosted sales significantly in Nintendo consoles, selling out consecutively during Christmas periods.

The Nintendo Wii Remote, bundled with the console was released in Norther America on 19th November 2006, 2nd December 2006 in Japan, 7th December 2006 in Australia and 8th December 2006 in Europe.  The birth of this controller to the market has given rise to other successes from Nintendo, such as the Wii Fit, which also incorporates motion sensing technology and classic games, such as Wii Sports.

The Nintendo Wii remote was released in five basic colours black, white, blue, red and pink. When the Nintendo Wii U remote came out in 2012, it brought with it built in motion sensing technology, giving users enhanced sense to movement when playing games, rather than having to buy an add on for the Wii Remote.  This Remote came in the same basic colours as the Nintendo Wii Remote, along with having a range of special limited edition versions to accompany it. It was bundled with the Nintendo Wii U console and was also known as being the Nintendo Wii U Motion Plus Remote, despite being back wards compatible and being able to be used with the Nintendo Wii first generation console.

Baxtros Limited still stocks a large range of Wii and Wii motion plus remotes.  We provide the best refurbishment solutions to ensure the remotes have been correctly repaired, cleaned and are fit for use again in a new home.  Along with this and to guarantee our promise, we provide all items with a full 1 year warranty to protect you against any faults that might occur.