Nintendo Gameboy Advance

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Nintendo Gameboy Advance For Sale

Baxtros are pleased to have a range of Nintendo Gameboy Advance for sale. This console was a revolution to handheld gaming. A step up from its predecessor, the Gameboy Color, with a new design and wider screen, it was set to be a hot player among other handheld consoles in the market at its time. The console also changed the way in which Gameboy games were produced, with them now being shaped like a rectangle, smaller, easier to store and transport. Although the games were newly designed, the console was still backwards compatible, meaning that you could play any of your old Gameboy Original, Gameboy Pocket or Gameboy Color games, to add, you could now play black and white games in colour!

The Nintendo Gameboy Advance was first released on 21st March 2001 in Japan, 11th June 2001 in North America and 11 days later, on 22nd June 2001 in Europe.  Surprisingly the console was released in China 3 years later on 8th June 2004, around the time that the Gameboy SP was about to be released.  The Gameboy Advance was available in six standard colours, Purple, White, Glacier Fuchsia Pink, Orange and Black.  There were also special limited edition releases of the console, along with Pokémon centre edition’s, of which we stock at Baxtros. Worldwide the console sold over a staggering 81 million units, and was in production for 9 years, from 2001 to 2010 when it was discontinued on 15th May.  This could make it the best ever selling Gameboy console.

At Baxtros Limited our Nintendo Gameboy Advance consoles are put through a full refurbishment, we pay close attention to any faults that have occurred and ensure they are repaired with quality and professionalism.  Along with this the consoles are treated to a full clean over, to bring them as best as we can, to their original looking state.  Along with this, Baxtros will also ensure a 1 year warranty is given, just in case any faults occur somewhere along the line.