Nintendo 64 Consoles

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The Nintendo 64 console was released first in Japan on 23rd June 1996.  Following this the console was released in the USA and Brazil in September of 1996 and the following year in the UK and Australia, 1st March 1997.  The console sold nearly 33 million units worldwide, being particularly popular in North America.  The console was discontinued in 2002 to make way for the Nintendo Gamecube console.

We carry a range of interesting Nintendo 64 consoles at Baxtros.  Ranging from UK PAL consoles, to imported Japanese versions, containing colours not available in the UK or Europe.

We put our consoles through a full testing and cleaning process to ensure they are in the best presentable conditions possible and bundle them with an official controller and all necessary cables.  The majority of our Japanese consoles are region freed, so that they can play both Japanese and USA games, a huge benefit for those who love imported games!