PS4 Dual Shock Controllers

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Playstation 4 Controllers For Sale

Baxtros have Sony Playstation 4 Controllers for sale in a wide range of colours. This PlayStation controller combines everything its predecessors had, plus a few more extras.  Released in North America on 13th November 2013, Europe on 29th November 2013 and the year after on 22nd February 2014 in Japan, the PlayStation 4 controller is still a strong competitor in the gaming market.

Along with all the tech from it’s predecessors, the Dual Shock 4 controller is now equipped with a touch pad and speaker built into the controller.  The speaker especially is a big improvement and makes this controller stand out from competitors in the market as it brings users even more into the game.  The look of the controller is also a lot more futuristic with a mesh handle for extra grip so users don’t drop and break their controller while intensely playing their games.

Sony have released two versions of the PS4 controller, the Version 1 and Version 2 controller.  The main benefit over the Version 1 controller with the Version 2 is that is has a longer battery life.  You can also view the light bar from the top of the touch pad, to be sure your controller is syncing with your console, rather than always having to flip it round to take a look.

The Sony Dual Shock 4 controller was released in eight basic colours, Black, Camouflage, White, Gold, Red, Blue, Silver and Steel Black.  The version 2 controller was released in these colours plus Crystal, Sunset Orange, Blue Crystal and Red Crystal.  Along with these releases there was also a range of limited edition release consoles.

We at Baxtros Limited have a range of refurbished Sony Dual Shock 4 controllers available. We put all of our controllers through refurbishment to ensure the best outcome and lifetime.  We certify this with a full 1 year warranty on all products.