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Playstation 3 Controllers For Sale
Baxtros offer a wide range of official Playstation 3 controllers for sale in various colours. The Sony PS3 controller was first released, bundled with the Playstation 3 console in 2006.  The first model of the Playstation 3 controller was the Sony Six Axis controller.  This controller differed to it’s predecessor the Dual Shock 2.  It was much lighter, weighing around just 160 grams and came with Six Axis technology. Six Axis technology allowed users to play with the controller  in the style of a steering wheel, for games such as Gran Turismo and the likes.  As the controller was not a Dual Shock 3, it did not contain the rumble function, which for some gamers was a downside as it took away the experience of being part of the game.  The Sony PS3 Six Axis controller was available in just three basic colours, Black, White and Silver, there was no special editions available with this controller.

In 2007 in Japan and the rest of the world in 2008, Sony Released the PS3 Dual Shock 3 controller, this controller took over the Six Axis and was now the standard controller users would receive when purchasing a Playstation 3 console.  As the Dual Shock 3 was, Dual Shock, it retained the rumble feature from the classic PlayStation 2 controller and also had a very similar look. Minus the analog button to engage the analogs and some differentiations to the R2 buttons, the controller was pretty much the same.

Along with the release of the PS3 controllers came a new stage of wireless controller gaming.  Unlike it’s predecessors, the PS3 controllers did not come with wires, meaning gamers could play at ease with out worrying about tangling up wires, or having to sit a certain distance from the television.  With a built in rechargeable battery, there was also no need to buy batteries to keep having to replace in the unit, unlike the way competitors designed their controllers.  A quick charge would give you hours of gaming fun.

Baxtros Limited is dedicated to refurbishing controllers and has a range of both Six Axis and Dual Shock 3 models available today.  All of our controllers go through a full refurbishing and cleaning solution to ensure the best look for resale and long lasting lifetime.