Turtle Beach

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Refurbished Turtle Beach Headphones

Browse our range of fully refurbished, tested and cleaned Turtle Beach headphones. All headphones are QC checked by our in house technicians, Baxtros guarantees competitive pricing, quality products and fast delivery to your door.

We believe in quality products at competitive prices, we guarantee the best Refurbished Turtle Beach headphones on the market, in terms of price, durability and delivery times. We are always doing all we can to grow our range and are continuously looking to source more headphones that we can add to the refurbished Baxtros catalog, for our customers to enjoy.

All of our headphones undergo a three stage testing process. First when the headphones arrive at our premises, they are checked and diagnosed for faults, next the faults are repaired and then the headphones receive a full clean over, before going into stock. Finally, with certain models, they are checked once again prior to dispatch to ensure a solid, quality product and performance.

Baxtros ensures quality packing when headphones are in transit to customers, that’s why we make certain brown boxes are used for larger over ear headphones, giving assurance to our customers their Turtle Beach headphones from Baxtros, will arrive in a safe condition.

To guarantee our product quality, Baxtros covers all refurbished headphones with a full 1 year warranty, covering any technical faults that may occur.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have about our products.