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Nintendo Gameboy Pocket For Sale

Baxtros are pleased to offer the Nintendo Gameboy Pocket for sale. This console was a smaller and slimmer version of the Gameboy Original console, despite its reduction in size, Nintendo still managed to maintain a larger sized screen for the console. As well, unlike the Gameboy Original, the console took only two AAA batteries, rather than four AA, which reduced costs of batteries for consumers and gave it a strong 10 hour game play life.  The console truly was a pocket console, as per the name, it is very easy to put in any pocket, no matter how tight your trousers are, for use while on the move.

The Nintendo Gameboy Pocket was first released on 21st July 1996 in Japan and 3rd September 1996 in North America, the console was released later that year in Europe. On 14th April 1998 a Gameboy Pocket Light was released, this version was released only in Japan and not offered worldwide.  The Gameboy Pocket, along with the Gameboy Original and Gameboy Color console sold beyond 118 million units, until the Gameboy was eventually discontinued in 2003. The Gameboy Pocket console was available in Nine basic colours, Black, Silver, Green, Blue, Red, Clear transparent, Yellow, Clear  purple and Pink.  Along with this, there was also a whole range of limited special edition consoles that were released, some of which were sponsored by companies such as Toy’s ‘R’ Us.

Baxtros Limited today still stocks a range of refurbished Gameboy Pocket consoles, with a range of colour variations.  We are continuously adding Gameboys to our collection and along with the normal colours will also have special limited edition consoles available.  All of our Gameboy Pocket consoles are put through a refurbishment process, fixing any faults with the console and providing it with a full clean over and full 1 year Baxtros warranty.  We guarantee customer satisfaction when buying a Gameboy Pocket from us.