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Sony PSP 2000 For Sale

Baxtros have the Sony PSP 2000 for sale in both black and white.

The Sony PSP 2000 console was the second in the PSP range to be released.  After a successful 3 year reign in the market of the PSP 1000 console, Sony thought it was time for an enhanced version to come out.  The console was released on 30th August 2007 in Hong Kong, 5th September 2007 in Europe, 6th September 2007 in North America, 7th September in South Korea and 12th September in Australia.  In Europe, the console was known as the PSP slim n lite version, this was due to the console being 19% thinner and 33% lighter than the Sony PSP 1000 console.  The weight of the new Sony PSP 2000 console was 189 grams, compared to 280grams of the Sony PSP 1000 console.

The console was released in Six basic colours worldwide, Ceramic White, Ice Silver, Piano Black, Light Blue, Purple, Pink.  There were also two colours, blue and red, that were released exclusive to Japan. Along with this Sony also released a range of limited special edition consoles.  The console was a hit worldwide and sales of the console remained strong for Sony.  The internals of the Sony PSP 2000 console was the same as the original 1000 model, however this console now came with a 64mb of internal storage, which improve the internet browsing performance of the console and also helped increase the loading time of UMD’s.  To add to this, Sony gave the PSP 2000 console a brighter screen, which helped improve the graphics of the console even more.

Baxtros today currently stocks the Sony PSP 2000 console in a refurbished condition.  We put all our consoles through a full refurbishment process, repairing any faults that need repairing and finally ensuring the console is cleaned to look in a perfect condition.  All of our consoles come with a full 1 year warranty, to cover customers from any faults that might occur with their consoles.