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Refurbished Nokia Mobile Phones at Baxtros

At Baxtros we have a range of refurbished Nokia mobile phones for sale.  Choose from various models and makes to cater to your needs.

All of our refurbished Nokia mobile phones are checked and tested by our in house technicians. The refurbished Nokia mobile phones are put through a three stage testing phase.  First they are checked when they arrive in stock and assessed for any faults. Next, the faults are repaired and the phones are retested.  Finally the phones are reset to factory settings and cleaned, along with being passed through a grading process, depending on their condition.

All refurbished Nokia mobile phones come complete with a full 1 year warranty covering any technical faults you may encounter.  We pass all of our Nokia mobile phones through a full cleaning process, removing any dust from previous owners.  When you start your phone, it will be already factory reset to default, as if starting from brand new.

Baxtros is passionate about refurbished tech products.  We are always looking to source additional Nokia mobile phone lines to stock, adding to our refurbished catalog of products.

We ensure our refurbished mobile phones are packed safely when they are dispatched, guaranteeing your mobile arrives in a satisfactory condition.

If you are in need of a new mobile phone, be it a newer or older generation, Baxtros has them refurbished, cleaned and in stock ready for swift delivery to your door.

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