Nokia 1110i

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Refurbished Nokia 1110i For Sale

At Baxtros we have a range of refurbished Nokia 1110i Mobile Phones for sale.  Choose from a range of various colours available.

All phones are checked and tested by our in house technicians. The Nokia 1110i are put through a three stage testing phase.  First they are checked when they arrive in stock and assessed for any faults. Next, the faults are repaired and the phone is retested.  Finally the phones are reset to factory settings and cleaned, along with being passed through a grading process, depending on their condition.

All phones come complete with a full 1 year warranty covering any technical faults you may encounter.  We pass all of our Nokia 1110i phones through a full cleaning process, removing any dust from previous owners.  When you start your phone, it will be already factory reset to default, as if starting from brand new.

All of the Nokia 1110i mobile phones sold by Baxtros come as the phone only and do not include charging cable or box.

We ensure all Nokia 1110i phones are packed safely when they are dispatched, guaranteeing yours arrives in a satisfactory condition.

If you are looking to buy a Nokia 1110i mobile phone, Baxtros has them in stock in refurbished condition complete with full 1 year warranty.