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The Nintendo DS range is an absolute classic piece of gaming equipment.  With the first larger (phat) console being released in 2004, and stepping things up from the Gameboy range, the console changed handheld gaming.  Being the first ever console to incorporate a touch screen, with a pen and be able to verbally interact with games it took consumers by surprise and became a world wide hit.  Closely followed came the DS consoles successor, the Nintendo DS Lite console. This was an absolute must have at Christmas during 2006 when it was released, selling out in stores, with some colours selling out as soon as they were put on the store shelfs.  Light, compact and providing endless hours of fun with classic games including Super Mario, Sonic and Nintendogs, both the Nintendo DS and DS lite console are still a must have amongst modern day gamers.

The DS Original larger Console was first available for sale in North America, released on 21st November 2004.  Not long after this the console was released on Japan on 2nd December 2004. Australian and European releases came the following year, 24thFebruary & 11th March 2005 respectively. The console sold in excess of an impressive 18 million units worldwide during its time at the top of the market. The console was faded out in 2006 when the DS lite console was released. The Nintendo DS lite console was released in Japan on 2ndMarch 2006, the following releases in Australia, North American and Europe came in June of the same year on 1st, 11th & 23rd respectively. In March 2014 it was announced that until then over 93 million units had been shipped worldwide, nearly five times that of the consoles predecessor the Nintendo DS console. In 2016 the console was completely discontinued worldwide, however still remains highly popular among consumer in the gaming world.

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