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At Baxtros whether it is a retro or new gen gaming controller, we have a large selection to fulfill your needs.  From original SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment system, to Xbox original & Wii U remotes, we cover the majority of retro and new gen refurbished gaming controllers.  Our technicians are continuously working hard to provide the best refurbishment solutions for the controllers we bring into stock and passing the benefit onto our customers.  From the initial repair itself, to the presentation after cleaning, you can rest assured that when buying a refurbished gaming controller from Baxtros Limited, you will not be disappointed.

Did you know that the first ever released gaming joy stick came to the market with the Atari 2600 console when it was released in 1977.  The console came with two joy sticks as standard and worldwide sold 30 million units, that’s an astounding 60 million joy stick pads that were thrown into the market and bringing joy stick gaming to the attention of consumers. 

Gaming with a joy stick changed significantly in 1983 when Nintendo released the NES Nintendo Entertainment System.   This console was the first to be packaged with a wired controller, not a joy stick, which has changed the way new generation gaming exists today.  The console was hugely successful, along with the controller, and sold over 61 million units world wide while available for retail sale.  This surge in gaming controllers hitting the market increased the popularity of controllers with consumers, and lead to more manufacturers producing consoles with controllers, rather than joy sticks in all shapes and sizes.

Taking it forward some years to the mid 00’s, Microsoft were the first company to release a console, the Xbox 360, with a wireless gaming controller.  Without the hassle of getting tangled up in wires when playing alone or with friends, the wireless controllers became a huge hit.  Sony and Nintendo were close behind, with the release of the PS3 and Wii console in 2006, which came with a Six Axis and Wii remote controller respectively, both of which contained motion technology, something the Xbox 360 controller did not have.

Nowadays consumers have the best of both worlds, you can pick up a retro controller to play your older consoles and take a trip back in time, or opt for a wireless, or motion sensing controller to truly interact with your gaming consoles, all of which can be purchased directly and in refurbished condition from Baxtros.

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