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If you are looking for a trip back to your childhood, or just to the 90’s and are a gaming fanatic, you have stepped foot in the right place.  We have a whole range of refurbished Gameboys available for sale.  We have the common styles, along with some more rare and less produced special edition Gameboys, all competitively priced and ready for immediate dispatch.  When Gameboy’s arrive at Baxtros Limited they put through a phase test to identify their faults.  The console is then fully stripped down and the necessary repair is carried out. 

Here’s an interesting fact for you. 

The beginning:
The first ever Gameboy to be released was the Gameboy Original console.  This was initially released in 1989 on 21st April in Japan, it was closely followed in North American with a release on 31st July 1989 and over a year later was released in Europe on 28thSeptember 1990. The console was the second handheld release in the Nintendo range after the Watch & Play series released in the early 1980’s.  Following the Gameboy Original came the Gameboy pocket, this was released worldwide in 1996, it was a redesigned slimmer and smaller version of its predecessor the Gameboy Original console, despite having all the package of a Gameboy original in a smaller version, the console did not prove so successful among consumers.

The colour era:
To change up the game, Nintendo released the Gameboy color console, this was first released on 21stNovember 1998 in Japan, after the release it was closely followed by release in North America on 18th November 1998.  Gamers went crazy for the console and sales surged in the early weeks of release, this lead to a build up in Europe and Australia with releases there happening on 23rd & 27th November 1998.  The console is an upgrade from its predecessor the Gameboy pocket and was the first colour console in the Gameboy range.   

The shape changer:
After the classic Gameboy shaped models were discontinued in 2003, a new wave of next generation Gameboys were released, the first being the Gameboy Advance console. This was released on 21st March 2001 in Japan followed by a release in North America on 11th June 2001 and a European release on 22nd June 2001. Some years later in 2004 the console was also released in China for resale. The console was slowly phased out in 2003 following the release of the Gameboy SP console. The Gameboy SP was first released on 14th February 2003 in Japan, it was closely followed with releases in North America and Europe on 23rd & 28th March 2003 respectively.   

After the success of the Gameboy SP console, the Gameboy Micro was released.  This console hit stores when first released on 13th September 2005 in Japan, followed on 19th of the same month in North America. Australian & European releases came later on 3rd & 4thNovember 2005 respectively. Although fairly successful and most probably one of the smallest handheld consoles to ever exist it was short lived and was discontinued in 2006.  In total for the first wave of Gameboys, (Gameboy Original, pocket & color) they sold in excess of 118 million units worldwide. In 2003 after a long rain in the market, the Gameboy was sadly discontinued. The new gen of Gameboy, (including Gameboy advance, SP & Micro consoles) sold in excess of 81 million consoles worldwide before being discontinued at the beginning of 2007. Not to worry however, as Baxtros still has them available for sale in a refurbished condition.  All of the game boy console we sell are original.

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