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Nintendo 3DS XL For Sale

Baxtros are happy to offer the Nintendo 3DS XL for sale in multiple colours.

The Nintendo 3DS XL console was released in Japan and Europe on the same day, 28th July 2012, the console was released several weeks later in Norther America on 19th August 2012 and 23rd August 2012 in Australia and New Zealand.  The console was also released in South Korea, 20th September 2012 and Hong Kong and Taiwan 28th September 2012.

The Nintendo 3DS XL was the bigger brother of the 3DS console, as Nintendo have done with past models, they first bring out a smaller and then a year or so later, a bigger console.  The size of 3DS XL screen gave users better visuals with the screen being 90% larger than the original Nintendo 3DS console.  The console was released in four different colour variations, red and black, silver and black, blue and black, and white.  Along with these basic colours, Nintendo released a string of special limited edition consoles, including Zelda editions which was a particularly good hit.

The Nintendo 3DS XL can also add external storage, enabling gamers to store more content within their console, from photos, to downloads from the eShop.  Consoles come with an SD card as standard when buying from Baxtros Limited. An added benefit to the 3DS XL console is that it is back wards compatible, meaning you can play all your old DS, DS lite and DSi games on it.  The Nintendo 3DS XL console is still being produced by Nintendo and is yet to be discontinued. To date the 3DS family has sold nearly 72 million units worldwide, this includes all models in the 3DS and 2DS range.

At Baxtros Limited we have a range of refurbished Nintendo 3DS XL consoles available.  We put all of our consoles through a multiple phase refurbishment process, ensuring any faulty parts are repaired and finishing off with a full clean over.  All of this is also accompanied by a full 1 year warranty, covering any technical faults that may occur, and giving our customers peace of mind when buying from Baxtros.