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Nintendo 3DS Consoles For Sale

Baxtros have Nintendo 3DS consoles for sale in a range of colours.

The Nintendo 3DS console was first released in Japan, 26th February 2011, shortly followed by release in the EU 25th March 2011, North America on 27th March 2011 and finally Australia, 31st March 2011.

The Nintendo 3DS console was a step up from its predecessor the Nintendo DSi XL, now integrating 3D technology into a handheld gaming console.  This was something never seen before in the gaming market, gamers were now able to feel another step closer to being inside the game, this marked a whole new generation of gaming console. Nintendo were the first company to ever do this and made it a huge success.  To add to the new 3D technology on the 3DS console, Nintendo had now also added a joy stick, just above the D pad, possibly a means to compete with the joy stick the competing PSP console has always had.

The only two colours available for the 3DS console at launch was aqua blue and cosmos black.  Since then however other colours have been released, including white, red and purple.  Nintendo have also released special editions of the console along with having some colours limited to certain regions of the world.

Due to the success of the Nintendo 3DS console among the gaming community, the console has remained in production, despite it’s successors being released in later years.  The entire Nintendo 3DS family, including all other models since release in 2011 have sold nearly 72 million units world wide.

At Baxtros Limited, we stock a range of Nintendo 3DS console in various colours.  We put all of our consoles through a refurbishment process, where our in house technicians pay close attention to detail to repair any faults with the consoles and finish off with a full clean, leaving the console in a pristine condition.  We guarantee our products by providing our customers with a full 1 year warranty to cover against any technical faults that may occur.