'New' Nintendo 3DS Consoles

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New Nintendo 3DS Consoles For Sale

Baxtros are happy to offer new Nintendo 3DS consoles for sale in both black and white.

The ‘New’ 3DS console was released on 11th October 2014 in Japan, 21st November 2014 in Australia, 13th February 2015 in Europe and 25th September 2015 in North America.  A special edition of the console, known as the Ambassador Edition was released just in Europe on 6th January 2015.  The console was a redesign of the original Nintendo 3DS console, the main updates were new additional triggers added to the back of the console, known as the ZR and ZL buttons, along with this face detection was added to the software on the console and a 4GB micro SD port was added, accomplish the ‘New’ 3DS console it was given an upgraded RAM to speed up the processing of the console.  Along with these updates, the console maintained its other original buttons, as seen with its predecessors.

The ‘New’ 3DS console was released in just two basic colours, black and white, it seemed with this console Nintendo did not want to make things too complicated.  The console was on the market from 2014 til 14th July 2017 when it was discontinued worldwide.  During it’s life time is sold nearly 2.5 million units worldwide, not as impressive as it’s predecessors and likely why Nintendo discontinued the model, nevertheless and over all exciting console to play with.  The ‘New’ Nintendo 3DS console, as the models before, is also back wards compatible, giving it the ability to play games from DS, DS lite, DSi & 3DS consoles.

At Baxtros Limited we have in stock a small range of ‘New’ Nintendo 3DS consoles.  All of our consoles are fully refurbished and go through a repairs process to resolve any faults with the console, this is then topped off with a thorough clean of the console to give it a presentable finished look.  All of this is bundled together with a full 1 year warranty to cover customers from any technical faults that may occur.