Gameboy DMG Backlit Consoles

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The Nintendo Gameboy DMG 01 1989 console is thought of as the king of gameboy’s.  First released in the late 80’s and completely revolutionised the world of gaming. Being extremely light, and easy to carry around, the console was a hit with consumers.

Fast forwarding to the modern day, the console is still very popular, but in a new light now, quite literally.  With thanks to technicians and gaming fanatics around the world, people have come up with ways to enhance the brightness and quality of the gameboy DMG 01 screen. Through inserting backlights the console is now able to bring out more brightness, giving a clearer and crisper.  Thanks to this research, different coloured screens have been produced to use for backlighting. Nowadays gamers can have any colour of the rainbow in their console!

If you want to build a DMG console yourself, you can do that here Custom Build Your DMG.  Do you have a DMG console at home and want us to modify it for you? Sure, we can do that too, find out more about this here send in yours.  If none of the pre built models suit you, because you want to do the modding yourself, why not check out our Gameboy Screens and shells Gameboy Shells.

All of our consoles are covered by a full 1 year warranty.  The warranty covers technical damage on pre built, custom built and customer send in systems.

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