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Nintendo 2DS Consoles For Sale

Baxtros are happy to offer Nintendo 2DS consoles for sale in a variety of colours.

The Nintendo 2DS console was released in North America, Australia and Europe on the same day of 12th October 2013, the console was only released years later in Japan on 27th February 2016.  The Nintendo 2DS console was released as a cheaper entry model console for younger children, it was also priced cheaper than the 3DS consoles at new retail and the circuitry of the console was a lot more basic.  Unlike the other members of the 3DS family, the 2DS console was just a flat console, similar to an enlarged Gameboy console, but with two screens and a bottom touch.

The Nintendo 2DS console is also backwards compatible, meaning you can play any of your old DS lite, DS or DSi games on it, without worrying about them not working or having to be thrown out.  Another interesting feature that came with the 2DS console is StreetPass, this allows gamers to swap gaming data with other gamers when you pass them, but only if you want to do so.  The console was criticised upon its release by some gamers, saying it was a step back, rather than a step forward, however praised by others, who said the new design was a lot stronger than the 3DS and 3DS consoles before it, giving a more stable and reliable life time.

The console was released in four basic colours white and red, black and blue and pink.  There was also a range of limited edition consoles that were released, along with some colours that were limited only to certain regions of the world.

At Baxtros Limited we stock the Nintendo 2DS console in a refurbished condition. We put all our 2DS consoles through a full refurbishment process, repairing any faults that have occurred with them and finishing off with a full clean over.  This is all accompanied by a full 1 year warranty to cover our customers from any faults that may occur.