New Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles

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‘New’ Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles For Sale

Baxtros are happy to offer new Nintendo 3DS XL consoles for sale and in much demand.

Different to most Nintendo releases, the ‘New’ 3DS XL console was released in most regions at the same time as it’s sibling the ‘New’ 3DS console.  Released in Japan 11th October 2014, Australia 21st November 2014 and Europe on 13th February 2015, the only different release was in North America, where the console was released on 13th February, with the smaller console being released later than year on 25th September 2015.

The ‘New’ 3DS XL console comprised of everything that the smaller version had, apart from the fact that it was a lot bigger, with screens both top and bottom bigger than any other DS console had seen.  The top screen had a 4.88 inch display, accompanied by the bottom touch that had a screen size of 4.18 inches, these consoles really seem to continue to grow! Unlike it’s smaller version, the ‘New’ 3DS XL console was released in a larger range of four different colours, Black, Metallic Blue, Pearl White and Red.  The console also had multiple special limited editions released, with some being limited to certain regions of the world upon release.

The ‘New’ 3DS XL console performed extremely well in terms of sales, compared to the ‘New’ 3DS console, selling nearly 10 million consoles from it’s release to December 2016. Despite its good sales, the console was discontinued on 14th December 2017, but only in Europe, the console continues to be sold in America and Japan to date.

Baxtros Limited is a refurbishment company of gaming consoles and accessories, we stock the ‘New’ 3DS XL console in a range of colours.  All consoles are put through a strict refurbishment process, repairing any faults that need repairing and finishing with a full clean and 1 year warranty for customer peace of mind. We guarantee you will not be disappointed when buying from Baxtros.