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Sony PSP e1000 Street For Sale

Baxtros are pleased to offer the unique Sony PSP e1000 Street for sale.

The Sony PSP E1000 was announced at the Gamescom festival in the summer of 2011.  The console was released some months later on 26th October 2011.  The console was only released in Europe and would be the last of the old style of PSP consoles to be released before the PS vita console was brought to market.  The E1000 model, was the most basic model of the PSP console to ever be released.  It did not have any wifi or bluetooth capabilities or any modern day tech that competing consoles had.  The console came with just 64mb of memory, like its predecessors, but did feature the ability to insert an external memory stick, it was pretty much like having a console from the 90’s in a PSP housing with enhanced graphics.  What the Sony PSP E1000 console did have however was the ability to play PSP games everyone loved and at half the price of a normal PSP console when put up for new retail, priced at just 99.99 Euros, or around 85 British pounds. The console had a very hard and rugged design, providing extra protection in the instance that it was dropped by frustrated gamers during game play. Due to the basic nature of the console, it also earned the name ‘PSP street console’.

The console was initially released in one basic black colour, however in 2012 another ice white model was released.  The console was discontinued in 2014 to make way for the Sony PS Vita console.

At Baxtros we stock a range of PSP console, including the E1000.  All of our consoles have been put through a full refurbishment process, repairing any faults that they originally had, along with being finished off with a full clean over and accompanied by a 1 year warranty.  We assure you that when buying from us, you will not be disappointed.