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Sony PSP 1000 For Sale

Baxtros offer the Sony PSP 1000 for sale in both black and white.

The Sony PSP console was first released in 2004.  Japan saw the first release of the console on 12th December 2004, this was followed by releases the next year on 24th March 2005 in North America, Brazil & India and 1st September 2005 in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  The console was a massive hit among consumers and was way ahead of any competing console during that time.

The console, as per it’s name ‘portable’ was designed with the aim of being a console that gamers could transport with them while on the go and use in conjunction with their PS3 console.  The PSP 1000 console had the ability to connect to any PS3 console enabling it to play with other gamers if you were a controller short.  Even more impressive was the fact that gamers could connect wirelessly to each others console, and providing they had the same game, were able to play together against one another.  This was something that no other company at the time had been able to achieve and boosted sales for the console.   As well as playing games on the console, users were also able to browse the internet through wifi connection, add MP3 files to listen to music and also store videos, if you had a PSP there was very little need for anything else, as you had it all in one.

The Sony PSP 1000 console was released in four basic colours, Black, White, Gold and Silver, gold and silver being exclusive to Japan only. When the console was released on the first day in Japan, it sold a massive 200,000 units. When the release came to Europe, nearly a year later and with all the build up from sales in other regions of the world, the console sold 185,000 units in the UK alone on the first day of release.

At Baxtros Limited we sell a range of Sony PSP 1000 consoles, which we put through a full refurbishment process, repairing any faults that might have occurred previously and cleaning the console fully, giving it a pristine look, all of which is accompanied by a full 1 year warranty to protect our customers against any faults which may occur.