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Nintendo DSi XL Consoles For Sale

Baxtros are delighted to offer Nintendo DSi XL consoles for sale and in much demand.

The Nintendo DSi XL console was the first console in the DSi family to be released under the name ‘XL’ and contain substantially larger top and bottom screens than its predecessors.  The console was released around a year after the DSi model in Japan on November 21st 2009 and worldwide in March 2010. The console contained a much larger and thicker stylus pen than it’s predecessors as well, giving extra stability during use and reducing the chances of it breaking under pressure. Apart from the larger screens and pen however, the DSi XL console contained the same features as it’s predecessor the DSi console.

Many reviewers commented positively on Nintendo’s use of increasing the size of the screens for the DSi XL, saying that it improved gaming experience and refreshed old DS and DS lite games.  Another benefit of the Nintendo DSi XL is that it is a back wards compatible console, meaning that it can play games from the DS and DS lite consoles, however due to it not having a Gameboy Advance slot, it is not able to play any retro games unfortunately.

The Nintendo DSi XL console was released in nine various colours upon its release, Black, Burgundy, White, White & Black, Green, Metallic Rose, Midnight Blue, Red and Yellow.  Some of the colours mentioned were only released in certain regions of the world.  Nintendo released as well a range of special limited edition consoles, along with a Pokémon special edition that released just 112 and was given away as part of a 2010 Pokémon tournament.

Nintendo DSi XL consoles are stocked today at Baxtros in a refurbished condition. We put our consoles through full repair, paying attention to any faults that need fixing prior to resale.  This is finished with a clean of the console, leaving it in a pristine condition ready for its new owner.  On top of this Baxtros Limited will guarantee the console with a full 1 year warranty against any technical faults.