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Nintendo DSi Consoles For Sale

Baxtros are pleased to offer Nintendo DSi consoles for sale in a variety of colours.

The Nintendo DSi Console was released in Japan on 1st November 2008, Australia 2nd April 2009, the following day in Europe on 3rd April 2009 and finally in North America on 5th April 2009.  The console was a redefined version of it’s predecessor the Nintendo DS lite console, now equipped with a camera on the front and back of the console, and was the first console in the DS range to be able to take an external storage from a micro SD.  The size of the screens on the console were also slightly increased, enhancing the user experience and moreover the thickness was also reduced, giving the console a slimmer look and making it easier to transport.  Unfortunately, due to Nintendo wanting to make the console more portable, they decided to remove the Gameboy Advance slot, that the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite had, quite a downer for users that still wanted to play their classic retro games.  Despite this, the Nintendo DSi console was still backwards compatible, meaning it could play any DS and DS lite games.

The Nintendo DSi console was released in a range of seven attractive colours, Black, Turquoise Blue, White, Navy Blue, Pink, Lime Green and Red. The console also had various special limited edition versions released, including classics such as Mario and Final Fantasy.  Some special editions were only released in certain regions of the world.

The console was a success for Nintendo and sold well, however it did not meet the sales of the Nintendo DS lite, with over 28 million sales world wide, in comparison to 94 million from that of the DS lite.

At Baxtros Limited we stock the Nintendo DSi console in various colours.  Our Nintendo DSi consoles are all refurbished and have been put through a process to repair any faults that they had when they came into stock, along with being fully cleaned to give a presentable over all finished.  Along with this Baxtros guarantees the item with a full 1 year warranty.