Gameboy DMG Backlit Screens

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To modify your Gameboy DMG console, you are going to need a backlit.  What a backlight does is bring out a clearer image than the original screen.  If you are looking for a less washed out, more crisp modern day look, this is the perfect buy for you.

Because colour is so important, Baxtros has a range of coloured backlights for your DMG console.  Our backlights come with all the necessary parts, such as polarising film, wires and resistor to get you started.  If you are reading this, you might also want housing for your console.  We have a nice selection for you to choose from.

We aim to stock as many colours of LED backlights as we can.  If you cannot see one you want contact us with your request so we can source it.  Also if you are unsure on how to install a backlight, one of our helpful staff will be on hand to guide you.