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The Nintendo DSi Console is an absolutely great little piece of gaming tech, interact with the console through verbal or physical communication with it’s camera and have hours of fun either at home, or on the move.  The Nintendo DSi console is the successor of the classic Nintendo DS lite console, complete with slightly wider screens, both top and bottom, and now also two cameras.  With this gaming console you are able to experience everything you would get with a Nintendo DS lite, plus a little bit more. 

The Nintendo DSi console was first released on 28th November 2008 in Japan, the console was then released the following year in Australia, North America and Europe in April.  The console really took a step forward in modern technology, allowing users to connect to the DSi shop in order to download applications for their consoles, this had never been seen before previously on any Nintendo handheld console and was viewed as a huge buying incentive for consumers.  The console proved its popularity with gamers, shipping 41 million units worldwide from 2009 to 2014, although less than the DS lite, the figures are still very impressive.

Following the release of the Nintendo DSi, came the Nintendo DSi XL console, as the name states this is a larger, more beefed up version of the DSi console.  It comes with even bigger screens, again two cameras on the front and back and has more of a chunky feel to it.  Although larger, the console is still easy to transport around and would fit comfortably in your pocket or bag. The console was released in 2009 and sold 12 million units worldwide from then until 2014, a slight downfall on it’s predecessor the Nintendo DSi, however this could have been due to its rapid release, not giving consumers the time to become keen to see a new DS console in the market.  If you are looking for an upgraded DS system, but nothing 3D, then the Nintendo DSi systems, large and small, are a perfect buy for you.  Purchase your refurbished DSi or DSi XL console today from Baxtros.

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