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The Nintendo 2DS and 3DS consoles consist of a range with large, small and rectangular consoles.  When the 3DS console first hit the shelves in 2011 it was a big game changer, the DS console that once was an interactive console, was now a three dimensional interactive console, making gamers feel as if they were even more involved in the game itself.  Although a bit mind boggling at first, as your eyes adjust the game play is thrill and at the flick of a switch the 3D mode can easily be turned off.  The console was first released in Japan on 26th February 2011 and was later released globally in March of the same year.  Over a year later, the 3DS XL console was released, with larger screen and more 3D fun this console was a step up from the 3DS model and exhibited the same size features of its younger sibling the DSi XL console.  Over a year after the 3DS XL console was released, on 12th October 2013, Nintendo released the 2DS console. This was the first ever console in the DS range without a classic folding style feature.  The console is completely rectangular and flat, changing the game up a little with gamers and giving a new approach to portable games consoles. The 2DS console is perfect for younger children and older entry level gamers.  Despite the risk in bringing out 3D gaming and a console style that had never featured in the DS range, the 3DS and 2DS console combine sold over 68 million units world wide up to 2017, this is still climbing. 

The successors of the 3DS & 2DS range came in 2014 when the ‘new’ 3DS console was released. First brought out in Japan and Australia at the end of 2014 and North America and Europe at the beginning of 2015, the console was exactly what the name said a ‘new’ revision of the original 3DS console from 2011.  The console contains a faster processor, additional shoulder buttons and a direction touch stick.  The XL model, the successor of this console,  was released in 2015, again this was a larger version of the original console, bringing more visuals and brightness to gaming fanatics.  Along with these new fancy extras, gamers could also integrate their amiibo characters, which was a huge hit, something that no other gaming company had thought of until now.  The ‘new’ 3DS console range was short lived however and was discontinued in 2017, get your hands on the left overs while you can, Baxtros has refurbished consoles readily available.  They might become retro sooner than you think!

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