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Custom Build Your Controller! This is a great opportunity for you custom build your Xbox One or PS4 Controller. Whether you are looking for a pre built controller, or to fully design your own, Baxtros has loads of great design combinations in stock and is here to help make your vision a reality!

Add your choice of case, buttons and analogs. Simply click on your desired controller to get started from the options above.  We have pre built controllers available in various designs, if you can’t decide what you want.  We also have a range of different cases and colour combinations for you to build your own controller completely from scratch!  The motherboard that goes into all of our controllers is original, either taken from our refurbished Xbox One or Sony PS4 controllers.  We never use 3rd party boards in our custom controllers, guaranteed! And you can be sure that all cases used to build your controller, are brand new.

We can also customise a controller you already own. So, if you have an old controller that you wish to have customised, we can arrange that too! Send it to us we will quote for the job and build it to your specification.

All of our controllers are quality control checked prior to dispatch. We accompany them with a full 1 year warranty.  This warranty covers any technical faults that may occur within that time.  So rest assured, you’re in safe hands with us.

Baxtros promises the best after market housings for our Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4 Controllers, sourcing only the best quality for durable and long lasting game play.

So why not custom build your Xbox One or PS4 controller today? If you have any questions, simply contact us, we would be more than happy to help!